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Wolfville’s New Arrival Where East meets West

The Rice Bowl, our Southeast Asian Catering service, provides customized food menus for your memorable event. We take into account your preferences, and we will create a wonderful memory of Southeast Asia cuisine. Our catering service provides for corporate functions, weddings, receptions, baptisms, baby showers, family gatherings, anniversaries, and more.

Looking Ahead

Shortly we hope to entertain small home residents dining, where we will serve intimate lunches and dinners. This small private gathering of no more than eight diners can share the warm atmosphere of our home dining room, where we will serve a three-course Southeast Asian menu designed with your favorite dishes in mind. We will serve you and treat this setting like a family gathering, with no rush to finish your meal. Your party will be the only one dining for the reserved time if it is evening or lunch.  Please feel free to contact us for further information and reservations.

Our Chef

Amone Sayaphong was born in Luang Prabang, Laos. Amone and her husband Alan ran and owned a restaurant on the beautiful banks of the Nam Kan River. The restaurant was named the Riverloft in Luang Prabang. It was voted the number one restaurant on Trip Advisor over the years. After leaving Luang Prabang after her marriage to Alan, she left for Singapore to be with her husband. It was here that her three girls were raised in their formative years. However, when her husband completed his work assignment in Singapore, he returned to Canada. Where the family now resides in Wolfville. Amone attended Acadia University, where she took an English language program. After completing that, she took on positions at a local winery and a popular restaurant in Wolfville. After six years of residing here, she and her husband have established a brand-new kitchen catering business in their 1800 century home – the Rice Bowl.

Green and Charity

We pride ourselves in using our grown vegetable products when in season. In addition, we make every attempt to source our local community for the products we use. Our food packaging is bio-gradable, and we always attempt to be environmentally friendly.

Opening our catering services gives us further opportunity to pursue our charity in Kenya. In a small village near Kitale, we built a school for children in their formative years. The school was named after Richard Robinson, who kindly donated his land to our school and all the buildings that pertain to Sister ( nurse ) Freda’s Foundation. Whose Foundation maintains a small hospital, nurses’ training school, rural clinics, girls’ high school, and a small orphanage. Our goal is to continue to raise funds to maintain our school. We also want to extend so the children can continue into an elementary school as they now have to travel to another district. In addition, the small orphanage needs to be replaced as it is now outdated. Please feel free to follow this link for further information.